Our Instructor

Doug Jensen

Doug Jensen, teacher of Silk and Thistle, has been dancing for over 25 years. He began Scottish Dancing while living in Massachusetts, first taking classes with Andrea Taylor, daughter of Marianne Taylor. In 1984 he took a sabbatical from the University and lived for a year in Geneva, Switzerland, where he and his family danced with the local Scottish group on Tuesday nights. Geneva remains, in his mind, the home of his Scottish Dance life. (Ironically, he and his wife now live in Geneva, IL.) Doug and Susan, his wife, have danced with several groups over the years, and he has attended many workshops including a summer at TAC. Doug's love of Scottish Dance is evident in every class he teaches. He brings many skills and understanding from his years as a teacher to bear and feels that fun must be the most important aspect of dance - all else will follow.

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