The Drunkards Path (or Anne the Quilter)

by George Whitehorne

8x32 Medley 3C




1st couple cross by the right, and cast off one place. 2nd,/sup> couple step up on 3-4.


1st couple turn partner with left hand once round, to finish in middle, facing own corners.


1st couple three hands round to the left, with own corners. On bar 12, make a tight left shoulder pass to face partners corners.


Dance three hands round to the left with partner's corners. On bar 16 dance another left shoulder pass to finish back-to-back, again facing own corners.



1st man with 3rd couple and likewise, 1st woman with 2nd couple, dance a figure of eight across the set, passing 1st corner place by right shoulder to begin.


1st couple cross up and down passing left shoulder in the middle, into a figure of eight, pass right shoulder with 2nd corner place to begin (1st man with 3rd couple, and 1st woman with 2nd couple). Finish in 2nd place on own sides, and set.

 1st couple watch phrasing. Don't get caught inside the set on bars 21 and/or 25.
2nd and 3rd couples have "right-of-way". Keep strict tempo to allow 1st couple to phrase themselves.
2nd and 3rd couples traveling CW, pull back right shoulder for 1st bar of setting and left shoulder for 2nd bar of setting. Couples traveling CCW pull back right shoulder for both bars of setting.
("Good-bye" "Hello" Setting on the Square)


2nd and 3rd couples cross giving right hands, set to partner, and then up and down.


Change places up and down, set to person just passed, then to partner.


Cross with partner, set to partner, set up and down.


Change places up and down, set to person just passed, then to partner.

Repeat having passed a couple
Suggested Music: "The Maine Medley" from Celebrate Fifty Years of Dancing - CD001
"Drunkards Path" is the name of a quilt pattern. Pieces of fabric, cut in curves, create a "block". In this dance the track of the 2nd and 3rd couples forms the block, and the track of the 1st couple, the DRUNKARD'S PATH.