The Diligent Divisor
by Mady Newfield 8x40 Jig for 3C
1-8 1C cross by RH, cast down, cross by LH and turn L, 1W casting up to between 2C and 1M casting down to between 3C.
9-12 1C, 2C, and 3C advance and retire, taking hands in lines across the set.
13-24 Rights and Lefts for 3 couples.
25-32 1C cross by RH and turn R into (6-bar) reels of 3 across the set (1W with 3C, and 1M with 2C), giving RS to 2nd corner to start the reel.
33-40 1C (coming in on own side of set between corners) turn LH (a full turn in 2 bars) to cross up between 2C, cast down one place on partner's side, and cross by RH to progressed position on own side.
Suggested music is The Scalawag from The March Hare by Susan Worland Bentley, Michael Bentley and Andy Imbrie.
Written Nov. 17, 2003 to honor the birthday of the Silk & Thistle class's prolific dance devisor, Sue McKinnell.